Vitae Litera has a large portfolio of various scientifical and common publications. Since 1997 we are publishing two scientifical medical journals, we have published more then 150 different titles of scientifical, popular and text books. Our publishing specialization is scientifical literature and text books, yet we have a strong presence in common books too.

Our team consits of highly experienced publishing, editing, layout and prepress professionals. We are offering complex scientifical publications publishing services, ISBN precedure fillings, distribution planing, prepress preparation, proofing, editing and printing services.

We provide ebook publishing and prepress services too. We invite you to get to know our offerings better on one of the options in bellow menu.


Vitae Litera is offering editing and proofreading of all types of texts from complex technical or medical text books to fiction. We offer editing and proofreading in Lithuanian and English languages.

Medical translation

Translation of medical texts is assigned only to the highest qualified translators, who are well distinguished  experts in the field. We specialize in scientific medical literature as well as scientific literature, text books and other translations. We have published more than 20 scientific translated medical books, including medical textbooks. Therefore, we can offer the best quality and fast translation of publications of all medical texts.


Vitae Litera (disconnect) publishes more than 300 books in electronic format (ebooks). We specialize in both open and restricted content e-books and scientific publications. We offer electronic publishing services from editing to distribution.

You can find our specialized ebook portal at

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Vitae Litera publishing house is publishing various different publications. Since 1997 we have published more then 400 different scientific and popular literature titles, we are publishing 3 scientific peer-reviewed journals. We specialize in scientific publishing, however we also publish a lot of popular literature books and booklings.

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