Printing house

Below you will find more information about our production and services

Book printing

Brochure printing

Form printing

We specialize in medical statistical, accounting, letterhead, police statistical, CMR and other form printing. We can offer our clients from small production run cheap forms to the highest quality production of company forms.

Calendar printing

Production of calendars from low to high quantity. We offer wide selection of different formats and sizes of highly personalized and high quality calendars.

Offset printing

Offset printing is the classic way of printing large quantities of prints

Digital printing

Digital print is the most modern way of high capacity and high speed printing. Current technologies allow us to print at same operational, speed and cost capacity as offset machines.

Journal printing

Our journals can have spiral, stample or glue binding. We can offer journal/magazine printing starting from 1 unit only. Possibility to personalize all the quantity.

Printing on demand service is available

Newspaper printing

The produced newspapers can be printed on demand and starting with only item.

Label and packaging printing

We can produce various design, purpose and form labels and packing for your products. Labels can be adhesive (paper, plastic or synthetic paper), various sizes, color and shape. In all cases, the label production cost and exact design is calculated on individual basis, based on their designed use and needed longivity.

Other post-press jobs

This is the final stage of production. During this state, the printed production is laminated, pages are selected and arranged, foiled, varnished, blocks are trimmed, binded and other needed tasks are carried out.


Commercial material

Non-standard plastic products