Label and packaging printing


We can produce various design, purpose and form labels and packing for your products. Labels can be adhesive (paper, plastic or synthetic paper), various sizes, color and shape. In all cases, the label production cost and exact design is calculated on individual basis, based on their designed use and needed longivity.

Adhesive labels are printed on different types of adhesive papers/plastics. Which could be made of paper, plastic, teslin, artisyn or any other syntetic paper, making then immune to water immersion, mechanical scratch protection and so on. The reverse of the sticker/label can be rugged (slotted) to make them easier to peel off.

Paper labels can be various forms and sizes. This type of labels are available with cold/hot glue and other customer defined adhesive application. Various paper thickness, texture and other options are available.

Roll labels are manufactured directly into customer specified rolls. Rolls are custom individualized for each customer individually.

Packaging printing can be performed on paper, cardboard and plastic. We are able to offer various sizes, shapes and texture's packaging. All solutions are offered to client individually.


Aditional options:

  • Full, partial and 3D varnishing
  • Twin-effect varnishing
  • Foiling
  • Gloss, matte or soft touch lamination
  • Shape cutting, creasing, perforating and drilling
  • Scratch-off / security layer
  • Hologram
  • Personalization

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