Plastic cards

We produce a wide variety of plastic cards. We offer HiCo / LoCo magnetic stripes, their programming / magnetization services and other auxiliary services.

Plastic cards, are one of the easiest ways to impress your clients by establishing long-term relationships and creating a long lasting cooperation. It also helps your daily activities and it does not matter whether it is simple magetic smart card or a smart card, which is even performing several different functions. Personalized plastic card - are a sign of an innovative and sound business.

TUKa offers a particularly wide selection of cards and card options that will fulfill any customer's needs.

Available options:

Card surface:
•    Gloss
•    Matte
•    Diamond
•    Transparent

Available thickness:
•    0,8 mm
•    0,4 mm

Additional options and personalization:
•    Magnetic strip (HiCo / LoCo)
•    Numbering / personalization
•    Barcode
•    Embossing
•    Programing
•    Hologram
•    Scratch-off layer
•    Various security measures and solutions
•    Foiling
•    RFID

Our main focus is the production of personalized plastic cards. We specialize in unconventional plastic cards, hard to complex solutions, we also produce cards with two or more integrated internal or external chips (RFID's). We offer the ability to integrate a variety of services, ranging from entry to the premises, accounting, parking or security control systems to secure plastic products.

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